100 Years of Serving the Community

Rand, Feuer & Klein LLC (RFK Insurance), a fourth- generation insurance agency specializing in Personal and Commercial Insurance and Risk Management services, celebrates 100 years of serving the community. RFK Insurance is owned and operated by Dennis F. Klein CPCU, ARM “Denny,” third generation business owner. Joseph C. Klein AINS “Joey”, his son and fourth generation serves as Assistant Vice President.

“We are very proud to be serving our community for 100 years and four generations,” says Denny, a top expert in risk management and insurance. “Joey and I are carrying the torch to bring four generations of excellence and professionalism, and a broad intellectual capability in personal and business insurance, as well as risk management.” “In a time where most insurance companies’ idea of customer service is a 1-800 number to a call center on the other side of the country, our team is proud to offer hands-on local customer service,” says Joey Klein. “Being a local Insurance professional isn’t about being there during normal business hours, it’s about being able to look a person in the eyes and tell them everything’s going to be OK when the unthinkable happens.”

Through the leadership of Denny, RFK Insurance gives clients the benefit of his vast risk management knowledge. Denny spent nine years as the Risk Management Consultant for the New Jersey Highway and Turnpike Authority, where he also supervised all of the risk management for the building of the Driscoll Bridge. “Risk management is the science, insurance is the tool that we use to help our clients to preserve everything they’ve worked for,” says Denny.

The Klein family first got its start in the insurance industry in 1922 when Joseph A. Klein, a civil engineer at the time, spoke up about how he was unhappy with the quality of service from the person who handled the insurance at the local building and loan. The person who then handled the insurance told Joseph, “Well if you think you can do a better job than you can do it.” And that is exactly what he did.

“We’re in the Make-Sure business,” says Denny Klein. “Everything can change in a moment, and we’re here to hold your hand through the process when the unthinkable happens.” Whether you’re a small mom and pop store or a multi-million- dollar company, RFK Insurance’s clients can expect the same level of one-on-one customer service.

RFK Insurance

165 Passaic Ave #308, Fairfield | 973-582-6200 www.rfkinsurance.com


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