A Fashionista Treasure Trove

Pink Jewels owner Marie Khoury knows that people “always remember how you made them feel” the first time they stop into the store. “Everyone is welcome here,” she says, whether or not they buy anything on that first visit. 

Pink Jewels, now 10 years old, is a “lifestyle boutique,” carrying clothing, bags, home decor items, gifts, and, of course, jewelry. Khoury selects merchandise for both quality and value. “We have the best prices for everything.” It’s not unusual for a customer to come in looking for one thing and leave with some of Pink Jewels’ “hidden treasures.” 

Customer service includes calling or texting when something comes in that is perfect for an individual. We’re constantly getting new items in,” says Khoury—which is why it’s fun to drop in often.


Pink Jewels

1110 Town Center Way, Livingston.  |  973-994-0975

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