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Cipriano Law Offices Mediates Parenting Disputes

Melissa Cipriano is firm about the focus of her family law practice. “It’s about the children,” she said. She answered questions about some of services her West Caldwell office provides.

What help can your firm offer to non-married parents experiencing issues?

We can mediate, helping work things out before it has to be litigated. This includes issues such as custody, child support, parenting time, who pays for what. During the pandemic, many more people have chosen to go to trial, but this is often not the best solution. The firm also assists those divorcing.

What does that entail?

We often receive referrals to mediate. Sometimes, this involves couples amicable enough to prefer mediation themselves. Other times, a court orders them to mediate. First, we determine what the basic issues are, and determine how long a process this is likely to be. These days, 90 percent of mediations are on Zoom. These are very successful and much cheaper.

You can act as a “parenting coordinator.” What does that mean?

I don’t represent either party in the dispute, and I can speak with the children. If the parents can agree on solutions, they tend to abide by them. This can greatly reduce the stress on the children.

Cipriano Law Offices offers phone, video or in-person consultations. Wrote one client: “Melissa, Anna and the team at Cipriano Law Offices are a perfect example of professionalism.”

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