Bonding with Your Dentist

As a state-of the art dentist, Dr. Helen Chiu of Florham Park has many tools and techniques to provide top care to her patients. One of her favorites is composite resin bonding.

She explains, “Composite resin is a solid mass made up mostly of silica particles, which are similar to glass chips. The resin is more solid than Play-Doh, but it is pliable enough to be sculpted. It is also highly polishable and comes in many different shades of white.”

The resin can be bonded to the tooth enamel on the front teeth after braces come off, if there are white brace marks showing on the teeth. It can be applied to old crowns with unappealing black borders showing around the gum line, so crowns do not need to be replaced for cosmetic reasons. When roots become concave due to gum recession and root erosion, composite resin can be added to prevent further loss of tooth structure. It can also be used to enlarge teeth to correct the bite, or to repair broken denture teeth. She says, “I love composite resin because it is extremely versatile and esthetically pleasing.”

Dr. Helen Chiu, DMD, PA

248 Columbia Tpke., Florham Park


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