Women in Business - Dr. Helen Chiu, DDS

Dr. Helen Chiu, DDS

Chiu Dental Care

As a child, Dr. Helen Chiu was good with her hands, and enjoyed painting and drawing. By the time she was in college, she also knew she wanted to be her own boss. So, although no one in her family was a dentist, she decided on dentistry as a career—a choice her patients have applauded for more than 25 years.

It has not always been easy. She needed to navigate the sometimes-competing needs of parenthood and her practice. At one point, she had to hire someone to drive one of her children to and from school.  But she was able to establish a strong team in her office, and her family was completely supportive of her efforts.

Now, with multiple generations as patients, she re-energizes herself by embracing the many new technologies and procedures modern dentistry offers. She’s excited to go to seminars teaching about new tools she can use to help patients.

Helping patients improve their dental health, and through that, their overall health, remains a major source of job satisfaction. She described one patient whose mouth and teeth needed a full year of work to restore. That patient, she said, is now able to feel much better about herself, not just her teeth.

Under Dr. Chiu, Chiu Dental Care will always make “care” a real promise to all patients.


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