Eliminate Painful Injections and Anxiety with the Wave of a Wand

Dr. Linda Stone and her daughter, Dr. Vanna Stone, of Gentle Caring Dentistry do everything in their power to eliminate the fear that patients have about going to the dentist. One tool they use to alleviate a patient’s anxiety is The Wand®, a computerized technology that painlessly delivers a numbing agent to the gums.

“We can eliminate painful syringe injections, ease patient anxiety and actually encourage people to have the necessary dental work done,” says Dr. Linda Stone. The Wand® can be used for any procedure that requires local anesthesia. The computer-controlled system delivers anesthesia underneath a patient’s detectable pain threshold. “The reason patients usually feel pain when receiving a syringe injection is not the actual needle, but the build-up of anesthesia volume in their tissues,” Dr. Stone explains. “The Wand® eliminates this by delivering a precisely controlled amount of anesthesia over time that is imperceptible by patients and therefore painless.”

 A big plus is the ability to localize the anesthesia to the troublesome area, rather than experiencing a numb lip and tongue. “It is a wonderful feeling when a patient tells you that it was the best injection they have ever had or that they did not feel a thing,” Dr. Stone adds.

The Doctors Stone are proving that going to the dentist can be stress free.

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