From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Kitchen a la Mode in South Orange can equip the perfect kitchen. From gadgets to high-end cookware to unique finds—patrons will undoubtedly discover everything you need for the kitchen of your dreams. Initially established in 2008, Catherine Fisher and her husband, Andrew Kit, bought the business in 2018. “The store already had a large following, so we kept many of the original ideas,” Fisher stated. “Perhaps our biggest change was the layout of the merchandise. We streamlined the organization and flow of the merchandise to enhance the shopping experience,” she adds. As new owners, they added an e-commerce profile to the business. This online shopping service expanded the customer base, allowing for the ease of shopping at any time, from any location.

Success often creates expansion. And for Kitchen a La Mode that can’t be truer in their new location opening in October at 61 South Orange Avenue (one block from current location), where increased services are introduced. The new site is approximately three times the size of the former store and brings new opportunities and increased service for shoppers.

There is a unique selection of 12 types of olive oil and vinegar products from which to choose and refill your bottle service will be available. Some of the exciting features of the new location are a demo kitchen and special classes. Other plans include adding selections for bathroom décor and a tabletop collection.


Kitchen a la Mode’s most popular services—their extensive stainless steel knife sharpening service—will also continue. “We are one of the few knife sharpening services in the area, and the only one I am aware of that provides inhouse, overnight sharpening,” states Fisher.


The new store’s offerings will also include sharpening of ceramic knives and repairing the blades of knives for a slight upcharge; the automatic refill and delivery of CO2 canisters for soda makers; and 48-hour delivery of all purchases within a specified area. At this location many one-of-kind items abound. A local blacksmith makes an additional copy of her knife creations for the shop, and others prepare chocolates and spices. “We offer a vast assortment of products from the ordinary to the extraordinary,” says Fisher. “If a client wants a certain item, we will do our best to provide it.”


A small specialty shop such as Kitchen a la Mode provides services based on real-life experiences for its clients. “We are here to offer excellent products and great customer service,” explains Fisher. “We answer questions and help you find the right item.” That may also mean tips on maintaining products.


“For example, we ensure that clients who purchase a non-stick pan learn how to maintain it. With this knowledge, clients prolong the use of their items and get better value for their selections,” says Fisher. “We are problem solvers and want to enhance the total cooking experience.”

An improved website will also offer a wealth of information to clients, including the store’s product selections, recipes, seasonally appropriate items, and foods. In addition to making online purchases, customers can also access special events and register for community classes.

Kitchen a la Mode

19 South Orange Avenue, South Orange



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