Innovative Door-to-Door Mobile Service for Children’s Car Seats and Strollers

The everyday hustle and bustle of parenthood often leaves little time for “extra” chores—like a good deep cleaning of your children’s car seats and strollers. Unfortunately, skipping out on a good scrub can lead to a build-up of bacteria and grime from old snacks and spills that can impact your kids’ health. In fact, studies have shown that dirty car seats can have more germs than a toilet seat! But how can busy parents find the time to roll up their sleeves and safely clean these seats?

Cue BuckleBath: the one-stop shop innovative mobile business for children’s car seat and stroller cleaning. “I designed the business to solve the messy problem of unsanitary car seats with a focus on convenience, white glove service and high-quality work,” said owner Lauren Siclare.

“Time is of the essence for parents, and a car seat or stroller out of commission for a few days is a huge hindrance. With BuckleBath, appointments take roughly 40 minutes per item: cleaning associates drive to the clients’ house and cleans the gear right in their driveway, so they do not have to take the car seats out. For major messes including upset tummies and diaper blowouts,

they offer a deep cleaning that is available for contactless pick up from clients’ driveways with a 24-hour turnaround time. The company offers car seat loaners as an added convenience. Reservations are taken online or over the phone, so everything is coordinated in advance—helping parents to make a stressful task obsolete. Safety is of the utmost important to Siclare, who is a licensed car seat technician. “I went through a long, four-day course to understand how car seats should be cleaned and installed,” she explained. For instance, harsh chemicals should not be used as they can loosen the fibers on the straps. “We abide by car seat manufacturer’s guidelines and the team is fully trained


Buckle Bath’s  pediatrician consultant, Dr. Allen Friedland added, “Using the proper car seats in the proper way for the proper duration is critically important to keeping our children safe.” As far as proper cleaning he states, “I will stick to teaching about the importance of using car seats safely and let cleaning professionals like BuckleBath deal with the mess.”


And how does BuckleBath get things looking so spotless? “We have specialized tools that most parents don’t have that safely clean underneath the car seat covers and cushions,” said Siclare. For surfaces, they use a non-toxic, all-natural plant-based cleaner. “And we have a safe way of sanitizing—a secret sauce that does not use chemicals.”


The price per cleaning for a BuckleBath is $57.25 and a BioBath is $107.00, plus there are discounted subscription packages for multiple cleanings. Siclare recommends getting a cleaning at least once a quarter. “That’s not including long family road trips, potty training periods, and kids who get carsick on a regular basis,” added Siclare.


BuckleBath is offering readers a discount: use code VANITYANDBUCKLEBATH.

If this sounds like your dream business, Siclare is offering franchise opportunities. The company is also partnering with daycares to offer a cleaning day to daycare directors in an effort to keep children riding healthier. “We are incredibly grateful that we have an amazing team and awesome community of parents, grandparents

and day care directors who highly recommend our service,” said Siclare.“We love our customers and work hard every day to keep them raving about our services.”




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