Livingston Resident Starts KINDNESS ROCKS Movement

Evie Singer of Livingston has launched a movement called Kindness Rocks where she paints rocks and decorates them with inspirational words, sentiments and words of gratitude meant to inspire and empower people who see them. The colorful rocks have words written on them like “Peace,” “Hope,” “Believe,” “Celebrate,” “Kindness Rocks,” “One Kind Word May Change Someone’s Day,” “Be the Change You Want to See,” “Strength,” “Breathe,” “Compassion,” “Celebrate,” “Balance,” “Healing,” “Gratitude Rocks,” “Be the Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud,” “You Are Special,” “You Got This,” “Be Kind,” “Livingston Rocks,” “Livingston Mart Rocks,” and more.

For the last year, she has been leaving the rocks in front of Livingston Mart, Well Bred, at CVS plaza on S. Livingston Ave., the municipal building/Town Hall, and at veterinarian offices, with plans to place them elsewhere too. She says that if any businesses want her to leave some Kindness Rocks in front of them to contact her. She hopes that people will take one, share one with someone, or perhaps place their own rock there. She says she enjoys seeing people who find the rocks post pictures of them on social media.

“Making someone feel good can be contagious,” says Evie. “I hope these Kindness Rocks can do that for people.” In June, Evie began running an ongoing event with Yogi-Fit where people can donate $1 and take a rock. Funds raised will go to antibullying charities.

The former teacher of 20 years says that while teaching, she witnessed firsthand how kids struggled with self-esteem issues and feels that kids should be taught compassion from an early age. She says adults have the same struggles and feels that without compassion people can become bullies. She is hoping that her Kindness Rocks will help stave off bullying and help people to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Evie is passionate about what she is doing and paints and writes on her rocks every day. It brings her a sense of calmness. She says she either finds rocks outside in parks and cleans them or orders them online. Evie would love to invite anyone interested in learning how to paint rocks to contact her. She says, “It is a fun thing for kids and adults to do.” She hopes to bring the program into the schools next year.

To contact Evie, send an email to [email protected] If you want to follow her for more inspirational and motivational quotes and ideas, she is on Instagram @LifesHealthyIngredients.


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