New Additions at Dieci Lifestyle Spa Create a Total Beauty and Wellness Destination

A fixture on Mount Pleasant Ave in Livingston, Dieci Lifestyle Spa has garnered the attention of sophisticated clientele from near and far over the past 27 years. Dieci has a complete range of hair and make-up offerings, as well as a full-service spa situated in its 13,000-square-foot location, but owners Paul and Marie Gaglioti have way more up their sleeves coming this September.

Over the past few years, Dieci underwent a physical transformation with renovations throughout the entire space. The final touches on the spa included major new additions. “We have gone to the next level becoming a Medi-Spa and we have stepped up our wellness offerings,” states Marie.


Included in these new wellness offerings is a luxurious new space in the Dieci spa that will make clients feel as if they’ve been transported to a Himalayan salt cavern where the Gaglioti’s have created a ‘Salt Lounge’ introducing ‘Halotherapy’ to their clients. Clients can bask in the glowing space which has Himalayan bricks backlit on all four walls. They can breathe in the tiny micro-particles of the dry salt which is diffused into the air. “The inhaled salt combats health conditions,” said Marie. “The majority of people who visit salt rooms on a regular basis find relief from a variety of respiratory and skin conditions; it helps recovery from cosmetic surgeries; and it’s a great way to cleanse the lungs. It is a truly remarkable wellness experience.

The other major enhancements being offered at Dieci is a new Infrared Sauna. Unlike traditional saunas, which heat up the room, infrared heat raises the sauna-goer’s internal body temperature. “There are three wave-lengths—near, mid and far,” explained Marie. The longer a person stays in the sauna, they hit the next wavelength, ultimately activating the far wavelength. According to the infrared manufacturers’ research, time spent in the sauna can help with anti-aging properties, detoxification, boosts immunity, aids in weight loss and promotes relaxation. “This particular unit that we purchased has scientific, proven backing,” she added.


“Starting in September, we are also partnering with a local plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Figlia. We’ve known and worked with him for 30 years,” states Marie. “He’ll be providing high-end medical grade services such as fillers and Botox, and other non-invasive treatments.” Among the treatments Figlia brings to the table are Vivace, which combines micro needling with radio frequencies, and PHYSIQ, a non-invasive body treatment that tones targeted areas.


Dr. Figlia, along with Marlene Habermann, the Spa Director at Dieci for more than 26 years, will work in unison to bring the Medical, Wellness and Beauty arena’s together in harmony. Marlene has been overseeing, training, and developing spa services and treatments with a European grace and flair, attracting distinguished clientele from all over the state.


The Gaglioti duo has a combined 60- plus years in the beauty industry. Paul was a hairdresser and has practiced for 40 years. Meanwhile, Marie has a background in art and design and was a makeup artist for over 20 years. In 2003, she developed her own “client friendly” makeup and skincare line, Dieci Colori. “Dieci was a vision Paul and I had, and we brought it to life. We offer every type of hair and makeup service— specializing in hair coloring,” said Marie. Their son, Peter, has served as the Salon Manager, HR Director and overall staff and client liaison for the business for the past 15 years.

“Our goal throughout the years has been to always stay ahead of the curve and really raise the bar,” said Marie. Dieci Lifestyle Spa

90 W Mt Pleasant Ave, Livingston



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