Niyama Yoga Offers Integral Sound Therapy

From 2007, when Nicole Zornitzer established her first Niyama Yoga & Wellness Center in Roseland, she has established a reputation for providing quality yoga classes, as well as healing modalities complementary to yoga.

One of these is Integral Sound Therapy. A variety of sacred instruments are played during a session, which can be private or group, designed to create vibrations in the body. “Our bodies are primarily water,” said Zornitzer, “and water is a great conductor of vibrations.” These vibrations can trigger the relaxation response, help reduce blood pressure, symptoms of chronic stress and insomnia, as well as release and re-harmonize mind, body and spirit, she said.

Results are often impressive. “Dissonance in the body causes ‘dis- ease,’” Zornitzer noted. She will sometimes combine sound therapy with another energy modality, such as Reiki. “All ages can benefit from these therapies, which can help anyone to find serenity, to focus, and to avoid ‘dis-ease,’” she added.

Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studio

161 Eagle Rock Ave., Roseland | 973-500-2939


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