Sculpt Your Body into the Shape You Want

CoolSculpting®, a non-invasive fat reduction treatment, has become one of the most popular choices in the country for body contouring. It can be used on the upper arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, chin, jaw, breasts and back, which are common areas where fat tends to concentrate. “We use paddles that have different shapes that are basically designed to naturally fit particular areas of stubborn fat,” says Ed Fritz, the owner of Montclair Rejuvenation Center in West Caldwell and Verona, which offers this quick and pain-free treatment for its clients. “Once those paddles are attached, we start the freezing process.”

Cold temperatures can damage and kill fat cells, and CoolSculpting®, he explains, can result in a 20-25% reduction in the size of the area clients choose to target. Over the next two to four months, your body will naturally absorb and eliminate those treated cells. “We can do two areas per 35-minute session, which cuts treatment time in half, and clients can have multiple sessions a day,” says Ed. “So, they can target many different areas of the body, depending on their unique needs and preferences. We also recommend doing a second treatment, anywhere from six to 10 weeks after the first treatment.”

Montclair Rejuvenation, he says, is ranked in the top five centers in the state for CoolSculpting® and he believes number one (or possibly number two) in Northern New Jersey. Free consultations are offered with one of its four CoolSculpting® certified professionals.

“Sometimes people have completely unrealistic expectations, and that’s something that we really make sure we address,” says Ed. For example, CoolSculpting® is not a replacement for weight loss, but instead can enhance weight loss by spot- reducing areas that have accumulated fat that has not gone away with diet modifications.

The med spa offers many other state-of-the-art aesthetic services such as Botox®, dermal fillers, and PDO thread, which rejuvenates facial features. The Center also provides innovative platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, microneedling, photofacials, HydraFacial MD®, and Aquagold® Fine TouchTM. In addition to aesthetic services, its wellness services includes nutritional counseling, acupuncture, massages, and FemiLift vaginal revitalization.

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