Why do I need Acupuncture

If you suffer from chronic pain or persistent health issues then acupuncture for pain relief is a great alternative or complement to conventional medicine. One of the many benefits of acupuncture is that it can be undertaken at the same time that other treatment modalities and medications are being used. It is easily integrated into and used with conventional medicine.

Acupuncture treats your body as a whole rather than as a symptom. Acupuncture promotes the body’s natural healing ability, therefore having little to no side effects. If your body feels out of balance, you lack energy, feel stressed all the time, or suffer from mental or physical pain, then acupuncture for health can help you regain balance and an overall sense of well-being.

Some conditions that acupuncture treats: lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain and headaches. Dr. Margaret Amireh, DACM, L.Ac is an accredited and board certified Acupuncturist with experience treating over 250 conditions.

Balanced Body Acupunture

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